It's amazing what can happen at a dinner party. Day-to-day worries fade away, strangers engage in conversation and timeless stories ignite fits of laughter.
Day-to-day worries fade away, strangers engage in conversation.
  There are 26 questions in all. Please be sure to fill them all out completely. If there is no answer that applies, just write N/A.
Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Name of Guest of Honor:
Guest's Relationship to you:
Is this party a surprise? 



Location/ Venue for party:
Reason/ Occasion for party:
If this party is a birthday party, how old will the guest of honor be:
Expected # of Attendees:
What family will be attending?
What friends will be attending?
What coworkers will be attending?
How many children under 5?
How many children ages 5 to: 18?(specify names and ages) 
The humor should be rated:
G PG PG-13 R
Names of anyone traveling
a great distance to attend:
The guest of honor is:
Name of significant other:
(if applicable) 
Guest of honor's nickname:
(if applicable)

Pet peeve:
Favorite saying(s):
Idiosyncratic behavior(s):
Topic of conversation:
TV Show:
Sports team:
Local Hang-out:
The busybody/ chatterbox:

The practical joker:
The slacker:
The ambitious one:
The brotherly/sisterly type:
The wisecracker:
The quiet, innocent type:
Describe the guest of honor's fashion sense and style:

Tell us about any unusual taste in food the guest of honor may have:
Share an embarrassing moment or funny story or 2 about the guest of honor that s/he won't mind being brought up in front of everyone:
Any other details we should
incorporate into the show:
Any other details we should
leave out of the show:
Any other comments:

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