It's amazing what can happen at a dinner party. Day-to-day worries fade away, strangers engage in conversation and timeless stories ignite fits of laughter.
Day-to-day worries fade away, strangers engage in conversation.
  Mingle With A Tingle
  It can't be denied that a thing that is heinous and tragic in reality can be made entertaining and engaging when wafted through the magic of fiction. So it is with murder and the mystery it entails. Invitation To Murder takes the notion of weaving a partying group of people, thrillingly but safely, into a murder scenario that takes place right at home. This company brings in three actors who have been clued in to certain info about the guest of honor – his or her likes, dislikes, quirks, hobbies and so on. In character yet also guest like, the actors mix with the celebrants until one of these stars of stage and scream suddenly gets bumped off, and the party turns into a fun, comic event begging the question “Who Dunnit”? An actor detective organizes the mystery-solving quest, using sleuth sheets, outrageous imaginings, revenge, jealousy and money amid lots of wry humor. The party guests themselves are among the suspects. In the corporate version, guests with an “unconscious” desire to see their boss eliminated emerge victorious.

….the troupe's performance was really funny, polished and professional. They created a fun and memorable

occasion enjoyed by all……………

A customized murder mystery, performed at your home or business makes for a cohesive, exciting evening.

$900 to $1200 — 1-800-697-CLUE.


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