It's amazing what can happen at a dinner party. Day-to-day worries fade away, strangers engage in conversation and timeless stories ignite fits of laughter.
Day-to-day worries fade away, strangers engage in conversation.
  A customized small group murder mystery
Reality TV is all the rage these days and in this mystery, you and your guests will be starring in the soon-to-be-hottest new reality show. The director of the show Simon Devaney is striving for a "slice of REAL life" where "every secret is exposed". And just in case the video footage isn't "real" enough for him, he has a few scripted scenes for your guests to perform in front of the camera. With him is Trixie LaRue (his favorite make-up assistant) will be on hand to touch up your guests to make them "television perfect" and rumor has it, he has enlisted the able talents of the famous (or should we say "infamous") stage and screen actress Lily St. Jacques, who may show up for a cameo! In this mystery – death is the life of the party.  
  "The Crime of Your Life" is a 3 - 4 actor, two hour, interactive mystery designed to be performed in your home or an intimate restaurant or function room. You and your guests get involved in questioning the characters and solving a crime. The action moves from room to room and the mystery is customized based on a questionnaire that you fill out with the inside scoop on your guests and guest of honor. It is up to Simon and the guests to solve "whodunit" in a room where EVERYONE is a suspect and no one will leave till this murder has been solved in "The Crime of Your Life!"

This show is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties

  Bad news: your company's just been acquired. The new boss, Veronica Nichols, has a bold vision for sweeping changes -- in other words, she's your worst (and most hilarious) nightmare. And when Veronica is killed, all your guests are suspects!

Business is Murder is a three-actor, customized murder mystery that travels to your home or choice of venue. To create this show, you fill out a questionnaire that gives us information about the people attending, and anecdotes about the workplace. The script is then custom-tailored to your company, with in-house zingers guaranteed to make your guests die laughing!

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